Rosarita + Labradorite Narrow Roads Earrings

Rosarita + Labradorite Narrow Roads Earrings


Truly one-of-a-kind! 


These earrings are made with bright orange Rosarita, which is a gold slag by-product of the gold-refining process, used from the 1940's-70's. It is essentiallly a brightly colored gold-infused glass that is no longer produced, due to advancements in the process of refining and smelting gold from sand. 


The flashy blue stone that sits next to the Rosarita, dances in the light, adding shimmer and play to the already bold colors of these pieces!


Made of fine and sterling silver. The earring posts and backings are sterling silver.


The back is stamped with N+F hallmark, monogram and sterling silver marking, .925.