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Notch +


Notch + Fletch is a one-woman operation, with roots in
San Francisco, CA.
All pieces are designed and hand-made by Anne Marie Strohbeck, specializing in one-of-a-kind and bespoke jewelry. 

Notch + Fletch began as a humble creative outlet at a small desk in the corner of a bedroom in San Francisco. A move to the East Bay offered slightly more space to grow and revisit techniques from college - most importantly, there was room for a proper jeweler's bench, more tools and fire.


Known for obsessively curating the stones in her work, Anne Marie, uses the finest quality American-mined turquoise and variscite material in her sterling silver and 14k gold pieces, and has been incorporating diamonds, in addition to other semi-precious and precious gemstones, into her most recent projects.

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